Theodora in Scotland

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Alan Rodger

Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, 1944-2011

Theodora in Scotland

Alan Rodger died after a short illness on 26 June 2011, at age 66. He was an outstanding scholar of Roman law and legal history and, over and above his judicial duties, devoted an enormous amount of his time and talent to academic pursuits: writing, teaching, and speaking. This page records publications about Lord Rodger and the tributes and obituaries that appeared shortly after his death, and presents a bibliography — now reasonably complete and verified — of his academic work. Contributions to this page, and in particular to the publications and bibliography, are always welcome.

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Tributes and Obituaries

The tributes listed below are gathered from various public sources. Readers should be aware that sources like these are often available only for a time, or are moved behind a paywall.

— University of Aberdeen

— St Hugh's College Oxford

— Ex Tempore

— The Scotsman

— Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

— Judiciary of Scotland

— The Herald

— The Guardian [obituary]

— University of Glasgow


— University of Oxford

— UKSC Blog

— Edinburgh Legal History Blog


— The Telegraph

— The Guardian [annoucement]

— The Supreme Court

— Scots Law News

Tributes in the Supreme Court

On 28 June 2011, tributes were paid in the Supreme Court by Lord Phillips, President of the Supreme Court; Lord Hope, Deputy President of the Supreme Court; Frank Mulholland QC, Lord Advocate; and Gordon Jackson QC. The video is presented here by permission. Copyright © UK Supreme Court.

Alan Ferguson Rodger Bibliography

Updated 17 May 2013. Compiled by George Gretton and Ernest Metzger, with extensive assistance from David Johnston, Hector MacQueen, Kenneth Reid and Philip Simpson. We have attempted to verify all entries. Any comments or additions will be gratefully received: ernest.metzger at glasgow.ac.uk

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